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12-3 Matty B Ziggy Ziggy
9-12 Mr. Bee Matty B Matty B Matty B Matty B Koh
12-3 ShupJeff ChickenMan ChickenMan ChickenMan ShupJeff ChickenMan Shupjeff
3-6 Nikia Daffy Shupjeff Daffy Trouble Sinderella AdamBomb
6-9 Cherub's Nikia Nikia Trouble Nikia Trouble Amythyst
9-12 Trouble Trouble Sinderella Jimbo AdamBomb Koh Jimbo

* DJ's in BLUE are currently on LOA.
** Shows in GREEN are specialty shows that are listed below.
  • Tuesday 9:00 pm - Double Shot Tuesday/Top 10@10
  •  Friday 3:00 pm - Flashback Friday
  • Friday 6:00 pm - New Music


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