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(Updated June 14, 2018)

Once hired with Tutt, as a Promo Staff Member,
we ask that you don't work for any other station.

Promo staff is required to Promo for at least two shows a week
unless otherwise agreed upon.

If you are in a League room, you are required to send in a shout out,
if shout outs are being read out on air.
Promo staff will assume if a staff member if in a league room
that a shout out has been sent in to the DJ on air.

When you are out promoting, Please send the on air DJ the following
information through Trillian Messanger:
Leagues Name and their URL.
Location of the room you are in.
List of all players tuned in
Any requests the members have.

Only one shout out per league will be made during a DJ's show,
unless that league is having a Special Event/Tournament.

If you are a member of a Tutt Radio sponsored league,
Please make sure that you are also getting shouts for other leagues.
You can locate links to ALL of Tutt Radios leagues HERE. 


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